Fashion Handbags Storage Tips

HTB1vBoIHpXXXXcDaXXXq6xXFXXXMFashion handbags are not inexpensive. With the economy looking gloomier by the day, a gal has got to do all she can to make the most of her investments. So, if you are in no mood to splurge on bags just now, you need to be careful about storing your lovely little bags. Even if you do intend to buy new fashion handbags, it still makes sense to store the ones you already have in a proper manner. You never know when a trend comes back!

    • The handbags that are used regularly must be easily accessible. Store them at the top of the closet so that you can pick them up without trouble. For convenience, it makes sense to organize them by color or size. It is a bad idea to store handbags on the floor unless you can store them inside boxes. On the floor, handbags attract moisture and dust.


    • It is not a good idea to store handbags on hooks as this will pull down the shape of the handles or distort them. This is more so in the case of leather handbags.


    • If you are short of closet space, one of the best ways of storing handbags is to wrap them and store them in wicker baskets. Wicker baskets are a great idea because they allow air circulation. Thus, bags are protected from the elements even as they get enough room to breathe. It is important, however, to store them without having to fold the bags or the handles. Folding could make the bag lose its shape.


    • Fashion bags come in different colors, shape and size. Some bags are not suitable for use all throughout the year. Those bags that are not used regularly must be stored separately. The best way to store them is to wrap them in cotton cloth or cloth bags. Do not seal the bags in plastic or keep them in a place that does not allow air circulation.


    • Some fashion bags may have hardware in brass or silver. It is necessary to cover metal chains, rings and studs. This not only protects the bag but also prevents them from marking other bags through contact. Chain handles must be folded inside the bag. All metal fastenings and buckles must be removed and stored separately, if possible.


  • Fashion bags look beautiful when they preserve their freshness and their trendy good looks. This is possible only if something is done to preserve the shape of the bags. Stuff tissues inside the purse so that the shape is retained. Stay away from using old newspapers as fillings, since the ink of the print may stain the inside of the bag. Bubble wrap is a good idea too.

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