Designer Handbag Statistics You Need To Know

blackWhether you can afford it or not, luxury handbags have always been a thing to envy and a thing to own for every woman. Be it for the new designer bags or used ones, there are some interesting statistics that you need to know. Here’s the list.

How old are you?

44% of the women who are more than 13 years of age have bought luxury handbags, for themselves as well as for their loved ones. We all like to have the worth for money on anything that we buy. Exquisite handbags, with their elegance and stylish sophistication are bound to add to your beauty statement. And it goes beyond a doubt how much someone will love to have it as a gift.

How many handbags does an adult woman purchase?

Let’s suppose you are a woman who loves handbags. How many of these bags are you going to purchase each year? Another statistic says that on an average, adult women buy three handbags per year. Now, you might find it surprising that women can buy as many as three designer bags each year. After all, aren’t designer bags costly? So who buys them? There are online portals that offer a good discount on your favorite wholesale bag.

How many handbags does an average woman own?

An interesting fact is that a woman owns six handbags on an average. The older women may even own more and undoubtedly, they are an asset. Having said that, the statistics say that 40% of the women over the age of 55 have more than seven handbags, which is the highest ownership among all the age segments.

How much does a woman spend on a luxury handbag?

This has to be one of the most important questions that you need to know the answer to. Women, on an average have reportedly been spending less on their most recent designer handbag purchases. Nevertheless, the luxury goods created about $525 billion sales in USA last year which definitely goes to a portion of the designer bags.

Wholesale designer handbag buyers are one in every ten women. That doesn’t mean exquisite bag sales are going down. Wholesale bag prices as well as sales have been increasing each year and the trend isn’t going to stop anytime soon. There are wholesalers who use e-commerce web sites to sell luxury handbags at wholesale designer handbag prices. You can shop from your home and save up to 50% off the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. Google or Yahoo Search for key words is a good place to find these stores. Try searching with wholesale bags, designer handbags, wholesale designer handbags or designer bags, and see what you can find. Good Luck and Happy Shopping!


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